"We protect what we love, and we love what we know."
Founded in 2020, the KINODOKA association contributes to the conservation of environmental and cultural heritage through the development of projects related to audiovisual and information and communication technologies.

Our missions

The association aims to initiate, promote, and finance:

Actions for economic, social, and cultural development

Educational activities

Awareness-raising initiatives for environmental conservation and the preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage

Our projets


The Bioskop project started in 2020 with a group of volunteer 6th-grade students. The goal is to prepare, throughout their middle school years, their own documentary about the nature that surrounds them. The same program will take place in 2024, on the other side of the ocean, in Costa Rica.

The Bioskop project is dedicated to this: transmitting to awaken, awakening to involve, involving to transform!

The team

A multidisciplinary team dedicated every day

sarah productrice auteur

Sarah Miranda

Producer and author of several documentary films, notably for France Télévisions and ARTE, Sarah directs the audiovisual production company Bamboodoc.

Véronique Leblanc

Franco-Belgian journalist, specialized in European and cultural affairs. "This project brings together everything that seems essential to me today: dialogue with young people, environmental preservation, attention to beauty, and harmony."

eugenie conceptrice rédactrice

Eugénie Bienaimé

Freelance copywriter and collaborator at the communication agency C’est Qui Maurice?, Eugénie writes for advertising and also assists individuals and businesses in crafting their stories.

Natacha Neunreuther

Primary school teacher, Natacha enjoys transmitting and learning. What motivates her most in her profession: capturing that fleeting moment in a child's eyes when she sees that something clicks, and they suddenly understand everything.

Sophie Desgeorge

Author, director, and editor of documentaries and other filmic objects in various formats, Sophie works independently for several organizations or projects focusing on central themes: memory and territory.

Élodie Signorini

Project manager in the fields of health and social care, Elodie puts her professional project management skills and personal commitment to environmental issues at the service of KINODOKA. She has been the association's secretary since its creation.

Our partners


Do you want to learn more about the association, propose a project, or contribute to financing? Contact us!